What if you can get an abundance of nutrients to help maintain your health naturally from one great tasting source?!

Get pro-active! Use King Fykia’s Golden Nutrition to help fortify your health with all-natural ingredients made with Spirulina... Besides, it taste great!


Today, many foods we consume daily are depleted of core nutrients due to over processing. As a result, a compromised immunity leads to a weaken ability to resist viruses and diseases. In many instances, we are becoming increasingly susceptible to foreign agents that enter our bodies because of our weaken immunity.

Whether it's from continual stress, lack of sleep or exposure to environmental effects, our bodies could use a better source of nutrients to resist foreign agents.

Spirulina is the perfect food to help us fortify our bodies and stave off foreign agents that lead to disease! King Fykia makes Spirulina taste great so we can enjoy it's golden benefits for our bodies! 

Get Your Fix of the Great Benefits:

* 4 Grams of protein per teaspoon!

* Numerous enzymes and amino acids help to improve protein absorption and potentially ease digestion!

* Vitamin E and iron found in Spirulina are found to help ease blood pressure!

* Natural B-Complex vitamins promote lower blood sugar, LDL cholesterol & blood pressure!

* Reduce the likelihood of joint pain due to tissue inflammation with Omega-6 fatty acids!

* Decrease the potential for cell damage by increasing antioxidant enzymes!

* Decrease the likelihood of diseases like diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers with the combination of B-complex vitamins, Vitamin E and fatty acids!

* Studies show that Spirulina enzymes promote better endurance, increase fat cell oxidation and speed weight loss!

* Reduce the likelihood of allergy symptoms with increased anti-inflammatory agents!

Use King Fykia Seasonings and Sauces on your favorite salads, snacks or meals! You won't be disappointed. For best results, use at least, two teaspoons of King Fykia daily.

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