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SuperSnacks and Seasonings

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SuperSnacks & SuperSeasonings

Combining fantastic superfoods with healthy
spices and other whole foods to make incredibly nutritious and delicious creations is what we do at King Fykia.

Why combine delicious, all natural
ingredients with superfoods – the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet - to make snacks and seasonings? It’s simple! We get
the best of two worlds; 1) The wonderful flavors of natural fruits, nuts, seeds
and oils provide a tasty complement to the outstanding benefits of superfoods. 2) These flavorful and nutritional combinations are readily available anytime and are what we like to call King Fykia SuperSnacks and SuperSeasonings!

With superfoods like Turmeric, Spirulina, Coriander and Cumin, seeds like pumpkin and chia or even olive oil, these SuperSnacks and SuperSeasonings are chalked full of great nutrition for our bodies and minds! Whether it’s the antioxidants, amino acids, omega fatty acids, proteins, fiber, flavonoids or vitamins your body craves, the benefits are tremendous! King Fykia SuperSnacks and SuperSeasonings provide these benefits while remaining completely all-natural with scrumptiously sweet and savory flavors.

Why do we want all of these natural benefits?
Not only do they act as a first line of defense against processed foods and help
our bodies function at higher levels, we also feel great since the essential amino
acids help our bodies absorb more of the vital proteins we need. Moreso, the omega fatty acids and flavonoids act as great antioxidants and help us fight against inflammation, free radicals, high blood pressure, joint pain, and promote good nerve health!.

With fruit flavors like pineapple,
cranberry and lemon, sweet tones like cinnamon, chocolate, and coconut, or nut
flavors like almonds or walnuts, King Fykia Cassava Bites will leave you wondering
how so many melodious flavors can be packed into just two snacks.

Equally tasty, the robust flavor of cheddar
or Romano cheese or the savory flavors like chili pepper, paprika, sage or
orange peel found in King Fykia popcorn and salt blend seasonings will suit
your mood any time of the day!   

Getting our daily nutrition is challenging.
Having delicious superfood nutrition as convenient as anytime, makes it easier
to maintain our healthy lifestyles!

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