King Fykia provides great tasting ingredients to superfoods like Spirulina and Coriander so everyone can enjoy their superfood nutrition every day!

Medications and supplements are absorbed by our bodies for a limited time. In contrast, doctors suggest the best way to get our nutrients is through the natural enzymes found in natural foods. Superfoods like Spirulina have abundantly dense, natural nutrition. King Fykia combines superfood nutrition with other great tasting natural ingredients so we can enjoy more of the nutrition we need.

Get Your Fix of the Great Benefits:

* 4 Grams of protein per teaspoon!

* Numerous enzymes and amino acids help to improve protein absorption and potentially ease digestion!

* Vitamin E and iron found in Spirulina are found to help ease blood pressure!

* Natural B-Complex vitamins promote lower blood sugar, LDL cholesterol & blood pressure!

* With Omega-6 fatty acids!

* Increase antioxidant enzymes!

* Promote better endurance, increase fat cell oxidation and speed weight loss!

* Increased anti-inflammatory agents!

Use King Fykia Seasonings and Sauces on your favorite salads, snacks or meals! You won't be disappointed.

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We are committed to bringing you the best superfood quality. Soon, we will also offer superfoods like Moringa, Fenugreek and Turmeric in our seasoning salts and snack products.