According to the CDC, 6 in 10 Americans have, at least, one chronic disease. These diseases range from less severe to life threatening conditions. Everything from hypertension to diabetes, heart disease to high cholesterol, arthritis to cancer all result from three factors: genetic, environmental and behavioral.  The genetic factor can’t be controlled but the environmental and behavioral factors are up to us.

Of course, keeping a strong immunity is the key to resisting disease caused from poor water, air and diet. On the other hand, in today’s world, we bombard our bodies with processed, fast foods that weaken our immunity as fast food is easily accessible. 

So how easy is it to maintain a strong immunity? Vitamins and minerals in supplements like multivitamins should keep our body's immunity high, right? In reality, vitamins and minerals found in supplements are only partially absorbed by our bodies.

Doctors suggest the best way to get our nutrients and boost our immunity is through natural enzymes found in natural foods. Organic compounds in organic food provide most of our daily nutrition but preparing organic meals every day is expensive and we still don't get everything we need.

The best organic foods are superfoods like Spirulina, Fenugreek, Moringa, Coriander, Ginger, Turmeric and others! Superfoods like these are the most abundantly dense, nutrient rich foods on the planet! They provide all of our body's needs in one food source.

So, specifically, how do superfoods boost our immunity? Superfoods like Spirulina have phycocyanin protein, fatty acids and B-complex vitamins. These three agents combine to protect our body's cell walls and allow 9 amino acids (which are our body's building blocks) to be absorbed by our bodies.

Why is this important? Because inflammation and free radicals from those fast foods develop over time and work to destroy our body's cell walls. Once that happens, our DNA is compromised and the potential for contracting disease is increased. The essential proteins, fatty acids and vitamins in superfoods combine to be the best antioxidants anywhere - the immunity boost we need!

So why don't we hear about superfoods like these everywhere? Simply put, superfoods don't have taste. To some, the taste is even offensive. With everything going for superfoods, you know they aren't the best tasting foods around. That's why King Fykia combines delicious natural spices with superfoods like Spirulina and Coriander so the essential nutrition we need to boost our immunity is tasty and available anytime!

Get Your Fix of the Great Benefits:

6 grams of protein per tablespoon

Numerous enzymes and amino acids for protein absorption and cell growth

Vitamin E and iron help ease blood pressure

Natural B-complex vitamins promote lower blood sugar and LDL cholesterol

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and Beta-Carotene

Increase antioxidant enzymes

Promote better muscle endurance to speed weight loss while walking or exercising

Better protein absorption suppresses the desire for sugar between meals.

So take control of your health the natural way with superfood nutrition. Buy King Fykia seasonings and seasoned popcorn snacks online now and fight free radicals with the most antioxidant rich food on the planet! Benefit from our delicious superfood nutrition and boost your immunity anywhere, anytime!

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Do not use if you have an anto-immune deficiency or are pregnant.